We are so grateful for YOU who pray for us.  Thank you for praying and interceding on our behalf and on behalf of the kids and families we work with.


Pray for us, pray with us, pray when and how you can.
We know how important prayer is to what we do!
Pray for us at home, in your church, or with your family.
Come walk through The Door and pray for us here.
(Call 374-5678 to schedule a time.)
Join us on the last Wednesday of every month at 12:15pm to pray.
Your prayers are so appreciated!

Prayer Needs:

  • Kids
    • that when they are in need – they would choose to come to The Door & not be afraid
    • they would choose safety
    • they would know they are worth loving
    • they would know they are a gift to the community
    • they would receive what they need and never be the same
    • they would not believe the lie that life isn’t worth living
    • they would not believe the lie that no one cares
    • they would chose life
    • that they can relax, and rest, and feel His peace
  • Families
    • healing & restoration
    • reconciliation wherever possible
    • protection from pressures and temptations
    • soften the hearts of the parents toward the children and the children toward the parents


  • Staff
    • help us to be Jesus to the kids
    • help us to listen deeply
    • help us to hear and see what the real needs are
    • help us to have a united voice
    • help us to be nonjudgemental
    • that we would not grow weary
    • that we would remember we need to take care of ourselves
  • Shelter
    • Employees: We are currently praying in a house parent. This is a live-in position. The job description is on our website.
    • light house shelter from the storm
    • beacon of light
    • safe place for all