Fairbanks Youth Advocates is seeking committed, passionate, and caring individuals who support our mission, align with our purpose, and desire to help meet the needs of homeless and at-risk youth in Alaska’s Interior. Special consideration for CNCS alumni.

We cannot accommodate walk-ins or phone calls please.

Current Opportunities: All positions are filled at this time.

Send resume and references to Marylee@fairbanksyouthadvocates.org for the Counseling Position

Apply online or email VistaLeader@fnsb.us, for the VISTA Volunteer Position

Current Employees:


Marylee Bates

Clinical Director

Dave Bates

Youth Empowerment Specialists

  • Hannah Wing
  • Jasmine Stevenson
  • Macalaugh Perkins
  • Hailey Chacon
  • Amelia Bentele-Edwards
  • Stacy Taylor
  • Angela Myers
  • David Blancante
  • Laquawna Baker
  • Mark Pulver: MSW Intern

Shelter Supervisor

Kelli Boyle

Volunteer In Service to America (VISTA)

Julie Ashburn

Volunteer Coordinator

Hannah Wing

Business & Financial Manager

Deidre Larson

House Parent:

Kevin Hein

Brian Pickett

HMIS Data Entry:

Holly Blood