Homeless youth are invisible. They are like you, they are like me...trying to fit in and look like everyone else; but they don't always know where they can stay, or where to go, or if it's safe. 74 different kids sought shelter from Fairbanks Youth Advocates’ youth shelter, The Door, in 2015. The Door provides kids a safe place to sleep, support from people who can help, and a place to rebuild connections with their families or support network.

One Homeless Night is an enriching and fun experience for groups and individuals of all ages. In 2017 we are featuring two tandem events.

One Homeless Night - Sleep Out

Participate and become part of the solution! Experience One Homeless Night by joining us as we sleep out. Form a team or come on your own, and fundraise to keep kids safe and raise awareness about The Door, the youth shelter...and experience a night to remember.

What: One Homeless Night - Sleep Out

WHEN:  September 9, 2017 - 7pm-10am

WHERE:  122 10th Ave., Fairbanks, next to The Door

Sleep Rough means: cardboard boxes & sleeping bags

Activities: fun and games for participants (7-9pm), structure competition —build the biggest, quickest, most creative, most ‘home-like,’ most duct-tape, or most stable cardboard house, snacks, and education about youth homelessness in Fairbanks

Mayors March


On September 10th, 2016, FNSB Mayor Kassel, North Pole Mayor Ward, and Fairbanks Mayor Eberhart walked together from North Pole to Fairbanks, raising awareness for the struggles of homeless youth, and funds for The Door, a shelter for homeless youth in Fairbanks.

A BIG thank you to our community Mayors!!

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Save the date: September 9, Saturday, 2017!

Our event was a huge success in raising awareness for homeless youth as well as raising funds for The Door. Join us next year for both the Mayor's March and the One Homeless Night Event.

Join us in 2017!


Thank You FNSB Mayor Kassel


 Thank You North Pole Mayor Ward


Thank You City of Fairbanks Mayor Eberhart