Fairbanks Youth Advocates

Facilitating life transitions for at-risk youth

Why we Help

Fairbanks Youth Advocates believes that providing assistance at critical times in the lives of young people is vital to their present and future well being, ultimately contributing to the stability and long-term health of our community. We seek to facilitate at-risk youth during life transitions. Foundational in this effort is ensuring young kids have a safe place to stay when they find themselves without a home.

Our services are available for ALL youth aged 12-18 youth regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, gender, disability, religion, or sexual orientation. We respect and honor the human dignity of all people. Under no circumstances is it required or expected that an individual believes a certain way to access or receive services.

We accept all as they are, however, they are.


With your help we can make a difference

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The Door Emergency Youth Shelter

Providing safe shelter 24/7 for teens 12-18

Safe Shelter

A warm, safe place to stay


Hot home cooked meals


Coats, shirts, pants, socks, etc.,


Connection to helpful resources

Caring People

Compassionate and loving staff

Sheltering Homeless Youth

The Door Youth Shelter

The Door is a 24-7 shelter for homeless youth aged 12-18, located at 138 10th Avenue in Fairbanks. The shelter provides a safe place to sleep, home cooked meals, clothing, supplies, and connections to community resources to help youth find stability. We are licensed by the State of Alaska and can house up to 12 kids.

The journey of FYA and specifically The Door is largely a product of the generous Fairbanks community. Since our beginning, volunteers have served alongside paid staff to maintain the shelter programs, and donations from the community help us provide for the kids' immediate needs.

We wouldn't be able to do this without you!

Brian's Story

I’m from a small village. My mom committed suicide when I was four, and my dad was a drug dealer. She didn’t want me living with him. So I just went from place to place. I’ve been on my own since I was nine and working since I was twelve. I’ve never really had a stable place to live, or parents or anything – I always moved around a lot, on different people’s couches, with friends and family. A year and a half ago, I became really homeless. I couldn’t get a job, and I got into using and selling hard drugs. Meth and heroin. After a few months, I went back to the village to sober up, and then I moved to Fairbanks to get away from all of that. I didn’t have anywhere to go. I went to the Rescue Mission and they told me about this place for teens. I’m really glad this place is here. The staff are great and supportive and caring, they’ve helped me find resources to help, given me food and bus tokens – bus tokens make a big difference...

Join our Efforts

Help our youth through volunteer opportunities

Miscellaneous Tasks

Help with general tasks

Lend a helping hand

Shopping for the kids

The volunteers who give of their time to Fairbanks Youth Advocates are an essential part of making us successful. They help us meet the needs of the kids we serve. We can always use a little help with a variety of tasks that vary with the season. If you would like to help with office tasks, maintenance, gardening, organizing, running errands or other ideas you may have, please email us.

Special Projects

Volunteer as a group for specific projects

Volunteer for Projects

Next Step Ministries volunteer group

Groups of volunteers offer tremendous assistance when a major task is undertaken, like cleaning, sorting donations, yard work, making food bags, etc. These are perfect opportunities for youth groups, church groups, school groups, family groups, or others to join in collectively and make their mark. If your group would like to volunteer, please call The Door at 374-5678 or email us