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The Door Shelter

The Door
138 Tenth Avenue
Fairbanks, Alaska 99701

Call: 907-374-5678 (24/7)

Text: 907-371-9595

Fax: 907-457-3610


Kelli Boyle, Shelter Supervisor E-mail Kelli

FYA Mailing Address (Office)

Fairbanks Youth Advocates Office
122 10th Ave
Fairbanks AK 99701

Marylee Bates, Executive Director  E-mail Marylee

The Door Location

Need a place to stay tonight?

Are you age 12-18?

Come to The Door, 138 10th Ave. Open 24/7

If you’re having trouble at home, running away may feel like the only way to escape. Most teens who run away do so because they are facing a problem that feels too difficult to handle alone. If you’re thinking of running away, have a friend who is, already have, or if you don’t have a place to stay – we are here for you! We can help you stay safe while you are out of your home.

For help, information, or a ride to The Door

The Door Youth Shelter

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen when I get there?
  • You’ll be are greeted at the door by a staff member.
  • When you arrive, we’ll sit down with you and ask you questions like:
    • What is your name?
    • How old are you?
    • Who can we call in case of an emergency?
    • Do you need a ride to school?
  • You will have access to:
    • information about other resources in the community,
    • an area to hang out and read, study, play games, or talk,
    • clothes, personal items, and warm winter gear,
  • You may read, sleep, eat, shower, play games, or talk until lights out.
  • If you’re in school, we’ll arrange a ride for you.
Are you going to call my parents/the cops?

This is a safe place and we want you to feel safe coming here. We encourage you to tell your family where you are, and support you as you work through conflicts. If you are 17 or younger – your parents must be notified that you are at The Door within 48 hours.

I need more help. What other kinds of services do you provide?

We are connected with all sorts of community agencies and programs! If you have a specific need, just ask – if we can’t help, we probably know someone who can.

Other Fairbanks Resources

Fairbanks has a drop-in center for runaway & homeless youth located at 530 7th Ave, the Street Outreach and Advocacy Program (S.O.A.P.)  SOAP is open Monday thru Friday from 2-6pm, but are staffed from 9am-6pm, in case of emergency.  Their phone number is 374-9913. They can connect you to what you need.

In association with Safe Place, Careline Crisis Intervention takes calls 24-7 and can direct you to the nearest Safe Place, connect you with resources, or just be an open ear when you need one. Calls are caring and confidential. Call 452-4357 in Fairbanks, or toll-free statewide at 877-266-4357 or 800-273-8255.  Their website also offers live chat help.