Paint the Doors

an opportunity for young people to express their voice through art

All applications are due on or before May 1, 2019.


Creative Expression

The Paint The Doors contest gives young people, ages 12 through 18, a chance to express their creativity and voice through painting. Paints are provided. Artists may chose their own theme or from these examples.

  • I Am Valuable
  • I Am Beautiful
  • I Am Life
  • I Am Love
  • I Am Fearless
  • other chosen theme

Contest Summary

Young artists, ages 12 through 18, are invited to submit an artistic concept for 1 side of a wooden door, based on one of the themes provided. Local judges choose 6 winners over the course of three rounds. All paintings should be completed prior to the start of school. Youth artists are responsible for painting their own design concept though paint can be provided. Doors will remain painted until the following year when the contest recurs. The artistic expressions are displayed in our outdoor park at 126 10th Ave where tourists and community members enjoy them year round. Download Contest Rules. Download Registration.

2018 Contest Winners

1.) Catherine Davis & Team Lathrop
2.) Anonymous
3.) Eleanor Adasiah & Team Art Squad
4.) Five MN Girls
5.) Olivia B. Cole
6.) One Homeless Night Crew

2017 Contest Winners

1.) Next Step Ministry Group
2.) Lexie B.
3.) Gabby Rodriquez
4.) Eva Heinrichs & Rebecca Manley
5.) Athena Garron
6.) Abigail Stossel