The Door Emergency Youth Shelter

Providing safe shelter 24/7 for teens 12-18

138 10th Ave., Fairbanks

Safe Shelter

A warm, safe place to stay


Home cooked meals with love


Pants, shirt, socks, hats, mittens

Personal items

Personal hygiene items, toothbrush, shampoo


Connections to helpful resources

Caring People

A compassionate and loving staff

The Door

For many years, Fairbanks lacked shelter for teens needing a safe place.

Because of this, we began the construction of a brand new shelter building in 2012. It was a happy day in April 2014, when The Door, a 24/7 emergency shelter for our youth finally opened.

The Door Youth Shelter 

Located at 138 10th Avenue in Fairbanks, The Door provides kids aged 12-18 a safe place to sleep, home cooked meals, clothing, supplies, and connections to community resources to help youth find stability. We are licensed by the State of Alaska as an Emergency Shelter for runaway and homeless youth. We can house up to 12 kids. We serve nutritional meals that meet national guidelines and we are committed to promoting health in all its forms.

Where do our kids come from?

  • Youth come to us from throughout Alaska and they come for many different reasons.
  • Some have families who are unable to care for them due to poverty, mental health issues, or personal struggles that make parenting especially difficult.
  • Some youth are experiencing a personal crisis in the form of serious conflict with their parents, pregnancy, or mental health struggles of their own.
  • These youth need extra support and guidance and a place to regain their footing.

Our Generous Community

The journey of Fairbanks Youth Advocates and specifically The Door is largely a product of our generous Fairbanks and Interior community. Since our beginning, volunteers have served alongside paid staff at The Door to maintain the shelter programs, numerous groups have donated labor and skill in the development of our property, and donations from the community help us provide for the kids’ immediate needs.

Since 2014 The Door sheltered



In 2017 The Door sheltered



Thank you for sustaining our services. We wouldn’t be able to do this without you!


Reasons for National Youth Homelessness

Kids Served at the Door since Opening

Take a peek inside The Door

The Greenspace Park

Adjacent to The Door is a Green Space Park built in 2017. It includes a pavilion for music venues, a fire pit and seating, swinging chairs, and a little bit of nature in downtown Fairbanks.

The park is a place for youth to hang out, enjoying barbecues and music venues. It is decorated with standing doors that are painted annually by youth in the Paint the Doors contest.