The Door

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Youth Shelter

The Door is a 24-7 shelter for homeless youth 18 and under, located at 138 10th Avenue in Fairbanks. The shelter provides 24-7 shelter services, home cooked meals, clothing, supplies, and connections to community resources to help find stability.



Your Help

We appreciate your help; whether through prayer, contributionsvolunteering, or financial donations. donateWe recognize that by working together we are stronger and we are making a difference. We appreciate your support!

Youth Stories

Youth Stories

K’s Story

I started staying at the church last February. When I was 15, I got kicked out of home because I dropped out of school. My mom said, “you can’t stay here if you’re not in school.” Someone told me about the youth shelter. I didn’t have anywhere else to go. 

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Learn about the teens in our community and the challenges they face with homelessness.
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