The Door

Youth Shelter

The Door is a 24-7 shelter for homeless youth aged 12-18, located at 138 10th Avenue in Fairbanks. The shelter provides a safe place to sleep, home cooked meals, clothing, supplies, and connections to community resources to help youth find stability.

Ways to Help

Your Help

We appreciate the wonderful and generous support from all of you. Whether through prayer, volunteering, financial donations or contributing needed items, we know that by working together we are stronger and we are making a difference to the youth in our community.

Youth Stories


M’s Story

I stayed at the shelter off and on for awhile. I was living at home, but sometimes I struggle with depression and me and my mom don’t get along so good during those times—so I stay here until we can work it out. Staying here means I can keep my job. . .

Video summary of our Annual Fundraiser: One Homeless Night

American Graduate Champion: FYA Director Marylee Bates

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